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In a futuristic megalopolis known as the Sapphire City, Juliet the Shark is the CEO of a transformation-themed entertainment company called TF Crates, Inc. Her two best employees and closest friends, Banzai the Bat and Franz the Jackal, help her create immersive transformation experiences for customers in huge artificial Environments with unique themes and stories to tell.

As Halloween approaches, work on a brand new Environment begins, but its development is halted by the appearance of a mysterious investor claiming to have perfected the formula to erase a person's memories. Eager to incorporate the serum technology for an even more engrossing experience, Juliet makes Banzai take the serum, causing tension between her and Franz. But this strange solution begins to have dangerous side-effects and rippling consequences, threatening to destroy the company and the friendship at its core, and expose terrible secrets hidden in the darkest of places.



The Hive Project is a character-driven cyberpunk thriller story about identity, family and transformation, and is an amalgamation of inspirations and influences, and the product of passion for those creations. It's also got a healthy sprinkling of horror to fit the Halloween season! Inspirations include:

  • Blade Runner
  • Aliens
  • Junk Head
  • Portal
  • Frankenstein

and many more.

The book is 64,000 words long and would fit a US R rating, or BBFC 15. It prominently features LGBTQ+ characters and queer relationships. It comes with a pdf, epub and docx file format for however you'd prefer to read!

Content warning: The book contains lots of violence and two minor moments of gory description.  It also contains a handful of sexual references, but there is no pornographic content. There's also plenty of profanity, but no slurs. Smoking and alcohol use is featured, but no usage of illegal drugs.



I'm Juliet, aka Banzai. Yeah, I know, they're both character names, haha, but they've been my identity for a long time now and I'm really, really happy to be able to share them with you!

I'm 23, from the UK, and I'm trans. I love storytelling and talking about the stories I enjoy. Writing has been a hobby of mine since I was a very young kid and this will be my first ever publication... SO I'M REALLY NERVOUS

I really hope you enjoy it. I put a lot of time and love into it and I'm super proud! If it does well, then I have a sequel lined up already (I'm already partially into writing it) that'll be even bigger and hopefully better! 

Again, I hope you enjoy the book, and thank you so much for coming here and reading. - it means so so much to me. Let me know on Twitter @Juliet_Shark what you think, and have a great day! 🦇💜


Buy Now$8.00 USD or more

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